>> MAN: Did I tell you about my first game?

>> GIRL: Yeah.

>> MAN: First time I'd ever seen a football stadium, but remember it was 30 years ago, greyhound track around it, stands are dilapidated.

>> GIRL: Right.

>> MAN: Just the feeling of standing in the stadium, you know, when you're like a young kid and you love football.

We just stood for about five minutes, speechless.

You know, like you've seen something wonderful and amazing.

And we just like stood there, looked, didn't say a word.




>> GIRL: He was like just, just come on Watford, this could be the day we get... and it was the day we got promoted.

>> MAN: You could bring your papers with you.

>> GIRL: Yeah.

>> MAN: Bring them to the grounds for your revision.

>> GIRL: Yeah. So I'm really happy.




>> GIRL: I think, I think we won that night.

>> MAN: We did win. I think we... if I remember right, 'A', it was a night game, 'B', it was a decent atmosphere and 'C', we won...

>> GIRL: Yeah.

>> MAN: And 'D', you like, I think you liked the atmosphere.

>> GIRL: I just liked the atmosphere, the chanting, yeah.

So and then I was... Since then I was just... I was hooked, wasn't I?