>> ROB (REPORTER): Crank up the music, turn off the lights, and let the players shine.

This is UV football and it's the new attempt to keep teenage girls interested in the sport.

It seems to be working.

>> ANDY: We wanted to do something slightly different.

And we saw things advertised for glow in the dark, table tennis and badminton.

We thought, why not try football.

>> GIRL NO.1: It's going to be really good and exciting, and just a good experience.

>> GIRL NO.2: You don't think it's like exciting, you think it's dead serious and all muddy and disgusting.

>> ROB (REPORTER): But it's not?

>> GIRL NO.2: No, it's not.

>> ROB (REPORTER): Not when you do it like this, anyway.

>> GIRL NO.3: If you told people more about it, then I reckon more people would do it.

>> ROB (REPORTER): Staffordshire University played host to the first girl's UV mini tournament.

If the game keeps growing in popularity, there are plans for a regular league in Stoke-on-Trent.

>> AARON: We do badminton, volleyball, mini tennis, and ping-pong. And we've tried to do as much as we can ideally.

The students, it engages the students a lot more, plus it's something a little bit different.

>> GIRL NO.4: Can I get a game though? These are pretty good these are.

>> ANDY: The demand at 14 plus is amazing, so we tried to do something inventive to try and give, get girls out, and give it a go really.

>> ROB (REPORTER): And has it worked?

>> ANDY: Yeah, yeah, it has, yeah. We've got a group of girls here today that haven't been playing football with us before. So, yeah, it works.

>> ROB (REPORTER): The Premier League, FA, Football Trust and Sport England set up the women's and girl's football programme two years ago, to try to boost participation. Success for the Lionesses has helped considerably.

>> JO: Since the Olympics in 2012 actually started the impact and, you know, we needed to kick on a little bit from there, but England doing so, so well in the World Cup, I think it had a massive, massive impact on females in sport, not just, not just football. And, you know, you're looking at it as role models and women that can actually compete at the top level and things like this only help.

>> ROB (REPORTER): Beth Roberts is already part of the Stoke City girl's squad.

The hope is that initiatives like girl's glow in the dark football will light the way for others to follow in her footsteps.

Rob Dorsett, SKY Sports.