>> RANIERI: My goal is make one point more next season. This is how it works, improve season after season.

>> COMMENTATOR: Mahrez! Ranieri is back with a bang.

It's Aguero! One of the great Premier League striker performances. Five goals!

>> KLOPP: I'm a totally normal guy, I'm the normal one.

>> COMMENTATOR: And Lallana. Five - four, it's crazy. It is insane.

It's 11. It's heaven for Jamie Vardy. A Leicester player has smashed the record.

The club which is a novice at this level has overturned the powerhouses of the Premier League.

Shaqiri, oh! What a fantastic finish. Claudio Ranieri has busted the ghosts of his Chelsea past.

Alli. Great skill. Oh! What a goal! This young man is a sensation.

Welbeck! Can you believe it? And now another moment!

Marcus Rashford does it again. You just can't write scripts like this.

Sensational! The story goes on.

There's Sadio Mane! Stunning comeback.

Oh, my word! Kane for Tottenham.

Oh, what a goal! A classic derby goal.

It's farewell to The Boleyn. Goodbye to Upton Park.

Read all about it. Winston Reid is the man who has wrapped it up.

>> ALLARDYCE: I like a challenge.

>> COMMENTATOR: It's Defoe. It's extraordinary. There is hope.

Lashed in by Kone. The survival specialists have done it again.


The greatest story ever told has its happy ending.

Leicester City are Champions of the Premier League.