>> COMMENTATOR: That's Barkley!


>> COMMENTATOR: That's brilliance. The boy from Liverpool, who has Everton in his heart and soul, has just stepped up and delivered.


>> FRANCIS: This is Finch Farm. And it's a fantastic place to be. The facilities here are special, great place to be brought up.

And, you know, going down the corridor, you'll see all the graduates who've ended up playing for the first team.

Ross Barkley is, you know, will be going to the Euros with England. The England captain came through this place.

>> COMMENTATOR: Wayne Rooney, oh, he went for it, oh!

>> FRANCIS: When you can see where you want to be in any walk of life, it helps.

At Finch Farm at Everton, you know, with the first team, you know, 100 yards away from you.

And the under 21s may be on the pitch next to you.

Sometimes, they'd have some first teams training with them.

They've always got the aim to get there. It's always in your vision.

The younger you are, it's all about age groups.

But as you start to get towards becoming a young professional, you know, it's so important that you can see where you want to be.


>> COMMENTATOR: And it's Barkley, 3-0.

>> FRANCIS: When you are a coach in the academy, people don't ask you how you, how you went on at the weekend.

People say to you, "Who's next?". You know, people want to know who the next academy graduate is.

So, Ross was always spoke about as a top talent.

And in these surroundings, you know, it's definitely contributed to him, being accelerated into the first team and accelerated into the England squad and now being talked about as a possible starter for England, you know.

>> ROSS: Everton's investment in Finch Farm has been really important to me.

It's helped me become the player I am today.

>>FRANCIS: I just think that by having the first team and an academy together gives you that sense of that's where you can be.

If you do it right and if you live the right way and work hard, then you got a right chance of walking through them doors there and getting in the first team.

>> COMMENTATOR: Barkley, Lukaku. Lovely stuff from Everton.

This is James McCarthy. And now it's Gerard Deulofeu! And that's Barkley.

That is a wonderful Everton goal!