>> RICHARD: I think we have engaged a lot more people that have never been interested in football before.

Now the grounds are as full as they've ever been, and that's, you know, incredible.


>> RICHARD: Well, football in the community has been going for over 30 years.

It's a big part of what clubs do. Clubs, clubs are brilliant at it.

But it's very, very important that young people are engaged as much as we possibly can, because through sport and through education, it gives them a whole host of opportunity, they work because they capture the imagination, people want to get involved, and it's fun.

Premier League fund over, I think, 167 clubs back in England.

The clubs are doing massive amounts now.

The coaches that you've seen here today, these are all club coaches who come out from England and are working with some of the local coaches that we've coached over the years, over the programme.

It's like a theme park really for, for fans. And as you can see all around here, lots of clubs represented, lots of things for the fans to do, lots of events going on, it's a, it's a fantastic event.

The success of the clubs, they can invest more and more and more in these type of activities.

Well, there are stories all over the place, in the League.

West Ham, brilliant season. Tottenham, obviously, Tottenham, any other season would be, you know, would be, I think, probably celebrating it, the title win.

And then you've got Watford and Bournemouth doing brilliantly to stay up and do so well.

But Leicester's story, magnificent. Walking to the ground and watching a whole city, just become captivated.

When that trophy lift took place, I was, you know, privileged enough to be on the, on the pitch.

It has been a great season.