>> PRESENTER: Just up the road from Carrow Road, is Costessey Junior School in Norwich.

The Fit for Schools programme is having a massive impact here amongst the pupils and the wider community.

So today, I have come along to find out how living a healthy lifestyle is having an impact on the pupils, both in the classroom and on the footy pitch.

>> TEACHER: So what about sugar, what does sugar do for our bodies? What do we think?

>> TONY: The Community Sports Foundation work is virtually in all of our schools now.

And I think you can go and have a look for yourselves and see where are the children trying to evade PE that you so often get.

They want to be out there, working with the coaches, because they're getting a quality and enjoyable experience.

>> STEVIE: We like to bring some of the professionals into the schools and to have Seb, Steven Naismith, and Nathan Redmond come in today and actually take part in the session, you can see how the kids reacted to it.

It's a great thing we're able to offer the schools that we work with.


>> STEVEN: It's absolutely fantastic. And you can see all the kids are excited and want to play and I don't... there is an element of, players from the football club are coming, but you can just tell that the coaching that they're getting, it's fun, it's enjoyable, they're working hard and they're also learning.

>> SEBASTIAN: It's really good, you know, like to be part of it. So if you can just spread a couple of words and maybe might stick in to the head, and then in the future they might remember it, they'll think about Nathan Redmond is hitting that, I might hit the same.

>> CHILD NO.1: Exciting to see...

>> CHILD NO.2: Yeah.

>> CHILD NO.1: ... a Premier League person at our school. You're alright to have a few bits of fatty food but the next day you have to always have a nice... one of your five-a-days.

>> FOOTBALL COACH: 30 seconds left, how many points can your team get?

>> STEVIE: It's not just a sports session. It's the wider impact that we have.

So I look at when they go home, and start planning their meals, their food groups, limiting their fatty and sugary foods.

It really sort of, there's a longer legacy there for us to have.

>> STEVEN: My favourite meal when I was a kid was deep fried sausage or haggis.

As I've grew from my twenties into my thirties, you understand so much more about food, and I think the whole nation in general is coming to a much healthier lifestyle and kids know more about food than certainly I did when I was at school.