>> KID: Guten Tag.

>> JÜRGEN: Guten Tag. Oh. Hi, nice to meet you.

>> KID: I could teach you a few Scouse phrases that might come in useful.

>> JÜRGEN: Would be very, very useful for me.

>> KID: So here's the first one.

>> JÜRGEN: My head's chocka.

>> KID: Mi head's chocka.

>> JÜRGEN: Mi head's chocka. Headache?

>> KID: Well, it just basically means that your head, you just not... can't think straight.

>> JÜRGEN: Ah, my head is full. Not my, mi, mi head's chocka. Okay.

>> KID: The next one is.

>> JÜRGEN: Boss Tha. Boss Tha. Hello, Boss?

>> KID: No, it basically means that it's just really good.

>> JÜRGEN: Boss is ah! Yes, I heard about this. That's boss.

>> KID: Yeah.

>> JÜRGEN: Tha. Ah!

>> JÜRGEN: We win against Man City and that was boss tha!