>> JERMAINE: Welcome to Nottingham, my hometown.

I'm here to see the Premier League Kicks Cup, a huge football tournament with over 50 clubs coming from all across the country to battle it out.

>> NICK: The Premier League Kicks Cup is the combination of the Kicks programme over the year, so that's 79 teams all playing in a mixed and a girls' competition.

And it's really our opportunity to thank the clubs and thank the young people that come regularly to the programme every week and give them an opportunity to meet other people from different parts of the country.

>> JOHN: The main thing is that all the players that play here today enjoy what they're doing.

And their enthusiasm is something that, you know, I used to have myself as a footballer.

When you see it being repeated by youngsters of this age, you know, it's great.

>> JOE: Going back two years ago, I was invited to attend Craig's Kicks project.

And it's great to just be able to build relationships with the youngsters.

>> CRAIG: You know, we've got some immigrants playing today that have come over, you know, come from war zones to then come to experience this from the Premier League is fantastic.

>> JERMAINE: Seriously, like 15, this is unbelievable.

>> JOHN: It's good for confidence, 'cause like, I've never done anything like this before.

So to come out here, play other teams, see different abilities, you'll see a good opportunity.

>> JERMAINE: The great thing about this event, it's not just football that the kids can get involved in, there's handball, there's golf, just to name a few.

And we're gonna go check out some dancing.


>> COLIN: For a lot of these youngsters, they pretty much feel disconnected, because they don't feel that anybody's backed them or given them an opportunity.

So this is massively inspiring for them.

>> JERMAINE: This is what it's all about.

Getting to the final, beautiful 3G pitch, let's see who wins.



>> JERMAINE: All these kids have had the opportunity to represent where they're from in their true colours.

Newcastle United and West Ham, winners in the end.