>> KAYLEN: It's part of my home scene, Islington. I grew up in this area, I know how it is and was around here.

It was more gang-related when it was concrete. The park means a lot to me because this has come from concrete, to AstroTurf, to the facilities we have now.

And I've been doing this Kick project since I was about 11.

It helps out kids who aren't really doing much out of school. They come here to keep themselves out of trouble and have fun here.

Some people might not have been doing jobs, but now because they can do jobs in the Kicks project, they enjoy it because they like football as well.

>> INTERVIEWEE: This estate has always been known as like one of the worst estates for let's say, violence, and for criminal activities.

This pitch has had a positive impact, given the people who live on the estate something constructive to do.


>> INTERVIEWEE NO.2: I've known KK from day dot. He always comes here every Thursday, every Friday with a box of chicken.

Football investment around here have definitely started turning people's lives.

It really makes a big difference on the estate.

>> INTERVIEWEE NO.3: I've seen youths around here transform into boys and men, mature, and may be it is because they see that they could do something positive with their life.

>> KAYLEN: I was playing on Market Road from age 7. A lot of players come there with the team.

And it was a very good atmosphere, a big improvement.

AstroTurf, small-sided games, big two pitches and little ones on the side.

Proud moment, all my family was there and my friends that I don't really see, I got them tickets to come down, so they was all watching.


>> KAYLEN: My friends were proud to see me come from concrete and the area I grew up with and playing for Arsenal now and England.

I think they're proud of me because a boy from the area is doing good for themselves. So I think they're proud, I don't think none of them hate it!