>> PRESENTER: Match of the Day community features help to celebrate and highlight how football has the power to change people's lives.

But for this initiative with the Crystal Palace Foundation, there's a little bit of a twist.

Because Premier League 4 Sport is using the appeal of the game to target inactive young people and getting them engaged with a range of sports, like boxing.

>> ROBERT: So this is a part of our Premier League 4 Sport programme, this is one of our boxing satellite clubs.

We're really aiming for people that are inactive or maybe dropped out of sport for one reason or another to the football club to be able to get involved.

It's what the kids really love, they're able to see their idols. We've had Frank Bruno here today, couple of the Palace players as well.

>> FRANK: Sweep wide, that's it.

>> JACOB: I'm scared.

>> HIRAM: I reckon if it's both of us against him we can take him.

>> JACOB: No, no, you go body, I go face.

>> WAYNE: The partnership with Premier League and Crystal Palace has been great.

We go on about, constantly about being focused, discipline, and in control of what you're trying to achieve.

And that has a knock-on effect first of all into the classroom, their social skills, and they go out here and get a great career and look forward to what they're doing in life.

>> JACOB: Coming to a school, and people doing boxing is, like, different for me to see, 'cause we never had it when I was in school.

But, seeing how quick their hands are and everything is just really crazy.

>> HIRAM: I learned a few combinations today, obviously, but it was tough. It was a hard day in the ring.

>> STUDENT BOXER NO.1: I've got a lot sportier since I started doing it, which is really good.

So then that's led me into doing some other sporty things, it's brilliant.

>> INTERVIEWER: What did you make of the footballers?

>> STUDENT BOXER NO.2: They were good, really good. It was the first time and holding the pads for first time.

>> WAYNE: When Frank comes down, he's a massive influence, with that wicked laugh that he's got.


>>FRANK: It was so nice that the Palace people are getting involved with, so nice for the Premier League to get involved.

I think they learned about discipline, manners, respect, not being the bully, when they've got to have their pads, and they get their gloves ready and the bandage ready and it's, it's a serious thing when you get into the ring.

>> INTERVIEWER: And what would you say to a young person who perhaps isn't engaged in much exercise?

>> JACOB: Get doing something. Literally, just, just get up and do something. Get active, that's what I'm saying. Get active.