>> CLAUDIO: At the beginning of this season, I told to them, "You're so good that you don't know. Believe in me, we can do something special this year".

I believe in all my career to, to win a title, and win a title here in Leicester, Premier League, one of the best leagues in the world, is, is amazing.

When I saw Vardy, when I saw Mahrez, I said that they, they can do something special.

Then I changed a little the position, and I gave to everybody that a lot of confidence, because I believe in them.

When I have the team, and there is a very good relationship, a very good feeling, I give all my heart to help them.

Always I believe. I believe in that, we fight to achieve.

I continue to believe in something more every time. I am ambition.

Now I'm young, because I start now today.


>> CLAUDIO: It was amazing when the, the ceremony at the beginning of the match with Andrea Bocelli.

It was terrific, terrific, a big emotion.

Now all there were no worries at Leicester.

And then, I understand is the biggest achievement in the sport this year.

A lot of people is, is happy. It's fantastic to see how many fans crying, because for the first time, watch their sport win the, the Premier League. And it's amazing.