>> ENI: Hi, I am Eni Aluko.


>> ENI: I play for Chelsea. And I play for England.

>> COMMENTATOR: And Aluko gets the final touch.

>> ENI: And I'm here today at St John the Baptist School in Woking, watching a weekly girl's football session, that was put on by Chelsea and the Premier League.

>> MEGAN: I think the best thing about coaching young girls is that they're so passionate about it.

It's because they've got such a love for the game, that if we capture it now, especially at 14 plus, we can continue that, whether it be playing, whether it be coaching.

It's an opportunity for us to grasp them as individuals and let them develop as individuals as well.

They're a team of players, but at the same time, they provide something totally different.

>> LUCY: That's why we see all the sessions. We have different satellites running on a weekly basis, in which we have 192 girls every single week turn up to these different sessions.

It's all about participation and making sure that the sessions are finding the girls that keep coming back and playing on a weekly basis.

>> INTERVIEWER: What's the best thing for you guys about playing football?

>> STUDENT NO.1: There's contact involved, which is good, you know, so you're stressed out sometimes, especially about exams, so yeah...

>> INTERVIEWER: Without fouling though.

>> STUDENT NO.1: No, yeah, of course.


>> ENI: What do you want to come from it for yourself, in the future?

>> STUDENT NO.2: Well, I just want to be able to be as best as I can and show how, like, show skills off to people.

And, you know, show that, you know, show the boys that I am, show the boys that I'm good.

>> MEGAN: Women's football has increased dramatically. And there is so much provision for it now but not just playing.

There's coaching, officiating. And I think it is so important that we, we provide them with them opportunities as well.

>> ENI: So it's great to see so many girls here playing week in, week out, training, developing themselves.

And I think the future of women's football is pretty bright, so well done for everyone involved.