>> VOICEOVER: Barclays Premier League Live came to Cape Town, as thousands flocked to the Camps Bay fan park event.

After a curtain raiser that saw Premier League legends overcome the Nike football ex-champions, South African fans were able to enjoy the club activation tents, see the trophy, rub shoulders with their heroes, and soak up the carnival atmosphere.

>> RICHARD SCUDAMORE: It's like a theme park, really, for, for, fans.

And as you can see all around here, lots of clubs represented, lots of things for the fans to do, lots of events going on, it's a fantastic event.

>> INTERVIEWEE NO.2: There's all sorts of games going on with skills.

I did one with the big goggles. And then you have to control the ball. I mean, what great fun.

And that's what football is all about. And sports, it brings people together.

>>VOICEOVER: On top of all the activities, it was a chance for fans to watch live Premier League games on the big screen.

>> INTERVIEWEE NO.3: All different fans, from Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, all all here, at this park, watching games.

It's, I mean what an atmosphere. It's really brilliant.

>> VOICEOVER: And the fan park was bathed in red, with Liverpool and Manchester United's matches both featured.

>> INTERVIEWEE NO.4: Mostly watched a lot of football, with die-hard fans, but this makes it even more special.

>> VOICEOVER: As the Manchester derby climax arrived, over 35,000 fans had passed through the park gates.

And Cape Town had experienced a taste of the world's greatest league on home soil.

>> INTERVIEWEE NO.5: I love the BPL. Please, please bring it back to our shores. Bring it back to Cape Town. I love it guys, you were awesome.