Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore talks about Leicester City winning the title and why a competitive and compelling League allows clubs to deliver on and off the pitch.

“I think a whole new chapter, a new narrative has been written. Leicester City winning the title is not just a football story, it’s a sporting story. It gives everybody in the Premier League hope and it gives everybody in the Championship hope.

“West Ham – fantastic season. Tottenham in any other season I think would be celebrating a title win.

“Then you’ve got Watford and Bournemouth doing brilliantly to stay up and do so well.

“The grounds are as full as they've ever been - 96.3% occupancy - and that's incredible. All this means a lot more people have been engaged – people that have never been interested in football before.”

Scudamore believes that the levels of interest and investment can help keep clubs delivering off the pitch too.

“Football in the community is a big part of what clubs do - clubs are brilliant at it.

“It’s very, very important that young people are engaged as much as we can because through sport and through education it gives them a whole host of opportunity. It works because they capture the imagination, people want to get involved and it’s fun

Alex Iwobi with Alexi Sanchez

This focus on young people’s development is further underlined by a clutch of talented home-grown players making their Premier League debuts this season.

“We've broken our records in terms of home-grown debuts - 67 in total. Players like Marcus Rashford, Delle Alli and Alex Iwobi coming through and making a real impression - it's important to see that sort of progress.”

How does Scudamore sum it all up?

“It’s been a great season.”