Sky Sports’ Martin Tyler described the 2015/16 Premier League Season as ‘the greatest story ever told’ as Leicester City clinched their first ever top-flight title. There were plenty of other stand-out moments throughout, as this exclusive Sky Sports video reminds us.

My goal is make one point more next season… This is how it works, improve season after season.”
Claudio Ranieri
Leicester City celebrate winning 'Champions' of the Premier League
The greatest story ever told has its happy ending. Leicester City are Champions of the Premier League.”
Martin Tyler
Liverpool crowd fans supporting Jürgen Klopp
I'm a totally normal guy, I'm the normal one.”
Jürgen Klopp
Jürgen Klopp celebrates with his players
And Lallana. Five - four, it's crazy. It is insane.”
Peter Drury
Jamie Vardy celebrates his record 11 consecutive PL goals
It's 11. It's heaven for Jamie Vardy. A Leicester player has smashed the record.”
Martin Tyler
Oh, my word. Kane for Tottenham. Oh, what a goal – a classic derby goal!”
Peter Drury
It's Aguero! One of the great Premier League striker performances…Five goals!”
Gary Weaver
Sergio Aguero celebrates one of five goals against Newcastle
Marcus Rashford does it again. You just can't write scripts like this.”
Martin Tyler
Marcus Rashford celebrates a goal
I like a challenge”
Sam Allardyce
Kone scores a goal that keeps Sunderland in the PL
It's Defoe. It's extraordinary. There is hope.”
Ian Crocker
Jermaine Defoe scores againts Aston Villa