Although her dream is to watch a live Premier League match at the Etihad Stadium, Fernanda is still able to soak up plenty of the atmosphere by watching it on ESPN in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

“I love football and I always heard that the Premier League is the most fantastic and amazing championship in the world. So I decided to see for myself if it was true and started watching it on TV five seasons ago.

“In fact I agree - the Premier League is the most exciting championship. It is the most competitive, very organised and no one can say who will be the champion in the beginning of the season. Look at Leicester this season - who bet on them to be champions? The stadiums are incredible and the support of the fans is amazing in every game.”

No one can say who will be the champion in the beginning of the season.”
Fernanda, Brazilian Manchester City fan

Fernanda had cousins who were supporting Manchester United, so decided in her second season of watching that she would cheer on the ‘blue side’ of Manchester, as she calls it.

“I think I was lucky for Manchester City. I started supporting them in 2013/14 and they were champions that season after 44 years! I really believe that the greatest asset of a club is the fans.”

Fernanda is a proud member of a Brazilian Manchester City fan club that brings them the latest club news in Portuguese.

A Man City fan in Brazil

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